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Obama the Oblivious

By jerry - Posted on 31 August 2010

President Obama set a new high/low for a president of the USA for being out of touch with the country. Let us ignore all the absentee decisions he has made concerning the economy and the attempt to make former President Bush's efforts during the Hurricane Katrina experience look "right on top of things' compared to his laughably "depend on God and pray" effort. Let us examine timing of his recent speech.

What recent speech is that you ask? There have been so many that the global warming carbon dioxide level has jumped to scary levels on his efforts alone. At the risk of being lost in a more recent baloney shooting deluge of President "Shoot from the Lip" speeches, I refer to his call to the Republican party to lift the blockade on the his helping small business bill in congress.

There are certain elements to a good speech besides content. Two of them are delivery and timing. His slow delivery style makes me want to fall asleep. But his last speech moment of timing was incredibly inept. His congressional audience was out of Washington on a vacation called by his Democratic majority party so they could hustle bucks from the bailed out bankers benefiting from his stimulus bill. Nobody could act on his "inspirational" speech. Didn't he know they were gone? Why didn't he ask George Bush where they were?

If a coach is going to make a rousing speech to his players he or she has to be eyeball to eyeball with them in the locker room. What kind of staff does" Lipshot" Obama have? Maybe they are still working on their income taxes from previous years back. To paraphrase an old book title, "They act like the "gang the couldn't 'lipshoot' straight".