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Nearly Bankrupt American Government Pours Money Into Israel Land Swindle

By jerry - Posted on 29 November 2010

A nearly bankrupt American government has been pouring credit to the tune of over 30 billion dollars per year to help Israel forcefully evict local residents. Some of these people can trace their ancestry back beyond the Roman empire.

Defenders of the program say the Jews have the right to do this because in the bible tradition God gave the land to the Jews. If you read the Old Testament, God's gift meant the Jews could enter the land and kill every man, woman, child and living animal in their takeover. Is it a surprise that people fled the area thousands of years ago because of military destruction.

This is a historical cycle. The Babylonians exiled the Jews, the Persians bought them back for political reasons and the Romans chased them out again. The British with the Balfour Declaration in 1919 brought the Jews back for political reasons. The Nazi actions of world War II inspired an organized guilt trip recognition of a place for Jews in the Middle East desert area.

Emotional reasons coupled with ignorance led to a solution that worsened a situation. The law of "You Can't Just Do One Thing" jumped up and bit the political "do-gooders". There were people already living in the area allied with surrounding countries that had oil to sell for armaments. These countries also had religious feelings about the area based on some biblical passages from the same religious book. Talk about an emotional family feud!

Beside the military danger there is the dangerous political and social conseqences of long term implications in the U.S.A. Using the reasoning of supporting the Israeli government our government opens itself to a host of problems from its history. The Plains Indians using the "sacred land" suggested by the bible has a claim on the sacred Black Hills and all of western South Dakota. The Iroquoix and Huron Indians have a right to the sacred forests of New York State. The Seminole tribe could claim the sacred waters of all north Florida. These are just a few of the problems from a "sacred" land rights concept.

The U.S. Government has been pouring 30 billion dollars yearly for nearly the last decade. Maybe it is time to step back and stop being the Jewish golem.

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Occupation 101 is a great documentary regarding this issue. It is available on youtube.