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Liberals, Self-deification & Their Unique Mental Combat Fatigue

By jerry - Posted on 02 November 2010

Liberals keep above the political battles by psychologically considering the other participants beneath their mental awareness level. This is a form of self-deification. The result of this liberal mind set makes them their own "self-god". This has several advantages.

Being your own "god" means you are not bothered by the common morality that bothers the lesser beings you encounter on both sides of the political spectrum. It is exemplified by the slogan of the noted democratic party strategist that states," the only immoral thing in an election is to lose the election."

What the liberal "god" wants is, in godly wisdom, the best for the country, planet and universe. The long term complications and inflicted pain can be ignored because "godly goodness" will prevail. If only the hard hearted and obviously short sighted opposition would come to their senses.

But self-godliness causes a "godly burden" for both the "godly one" and the disciple. The battle to illuminate the lesser mortals is energy draining. Their are other "gods" that must be silenced or converted. Experiencing the battle over a long term increases impatience and harsh thinking and exhaustion and finally self doubt. This mental combat fatigue leads to a mental journey.

In their journey of self doubt the "gods" search for awareness and awakening "outside" of themselves. Animal nature gives humans a "territory" demand for survival. This is modified in the human brain as a functioning intolerance. The Fall from "godliness" comes when we transfer our built in intolerance to the new "truth" and its sharing or infliction on others.


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