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Obama Immigration Policies Risk Health of USA Children

By jerry - Posted on 08 September 2010

The Obama Immigration Oblivious Policy is nothing less than germ warfare toleration on USA children. If is obviously not done by design but more from stupidity based on not considering long term consequences of inaction. The stopping of disease is done by isolation and treatment. Oblivious Obama does neither and the consequences are there for all to see the from the health statistics.

WE are not talking about points from speech making. We are referring to the spread of disease from people not receiving treatment from communicable diseases in their country of origin. As they walk through the "Made in Obamaland" porous border of the USA, the illegal immigrants have not had the health inoculations required by legal documents. As they melt into the population they become a host carrier of diseases, that up until this decade, were eliminated from the USA by our Health Department.

Now we are experiencing Obama political medicine war on our children. The casualty rate is mounting. Just last month California had an increase of 34 cases of Whooping Cough in 30 days. This is a disease eliminated over a decade ago. These cases did not spring up out of thin air, unless it was the coughed air of sick undocumented immigrants.

There are other infectious diseases from Hepatitis to tuberculosis to polio to certain types of bird flu. Even the HIV causing organism was introduced years ago. But now, our "most vulnerable", to quote a democratic party phrase, are being the targets due to an oblivious Federal Government.

Is this is by a design to overwhelm our health facilities so that an over the top Federal response is required? If it is a political ploy it is horribly unethical. To do this by stupidity is one thing. To do this by design is CRIMINAL!!! To do this and cloak it in civil rights terms is a criminal political perversion, the worst in modern Western history.