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News Reporters Economic Ignorance Masks Obama's Money Bungling

By jerry - Posted on 12 October 2010

The fabled ignorance of newspaper reporters concerning economic knowledge is now a bigger threat to National Security than any lack of military of international political knowledge.

Military and political headlines are basically speculative and often agenda driven. Catch words like "freedom", "political rights", "concern for the vulnerable" are often used to darken the reputations of American allies leaders. This was obvious during Republican presidential terms. Hateful and inconsistent standards and labels filled the newspapers. Meanwhile representatives from brutal dictatorial nations were picked to fill United Nation committee positions.

It was all good fun to confuse and create controversy for selling newspapers. It was also easier to babble nonsense because the electorate was ignorant anyway, especially on economics, so why confuse them. Education requires effort and precision in a commentary. Journalists would have to have better training in schools headed by the "agenda drive ignorant" to begin with. All these special awards to journalists would need more than fluency in English word spacing.

National and international economics flows from money management that follows definite mathematical rules. With Obama's cabinet filled with income tax evaders, it was too much to expect a president to proceed in protecting the world's monetary standard, the dollar. This was especially true when it was profitable for his party to reap great donations from currency traders like George Soros.

No ethics, no knowledge and profitable Democratic party corruption has brought us to this economic point. Foreign nations are pleading with the United States to stop the ideological nonsense that weakens small nations' "bank vault" of dollars. They depend on dollars to help their nation grow.

During the Cold War Russia using various currency manipulations and printing counterfeit American currency tried to destroy the stability of the free world. When Russia economically and politically collapsed and became dependent of "the dollar" we thought freedom had won. Thanks to Obama it looks like we have lost. Journalistic economic ignorance failed to warn us and guard our economic future.


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