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Obama,Crime Czar of Federal Paper Mafia

By jerry - Posted on 04 September 2010

Behind the seemingly benign appearance of a genial and oblivious persona we discover the real Obama. He has created a federal criminal collection that makes the hard nosed thuggery of the Kennedy family and the Nixon presidency seem a mild threat to the county's freedom. It is like an internal parasite that is often overlooked to begin with. Only as its symptoms increase do we become aware of its potential for harm.

I refer to the drowning by paperwork requests from a federal bureau for information on a question of compliance of a law or congressional mandate. This is being demonstrated in Arizona where a crime situation threatening the state citizens is being treated in a political way. Instead of sending people to help police the federal borders the state is inundated with paperwork requests. The paperwork is in addition to requests by sympathetic newspapers for removal from office of police officers trying to stem the tide of illegal immigrants, some of them felons.

This is the new federal mafia type criminal. No heavy handed threats of a previous era like the Kennedy CIA or the Nixon Plumbers. Instead we have the 21st century assault by paper of both legal forms and newspaper attack by political sympathizers. It is a new type subjugation using the tools of a new type of painful inquisition.

Since there is no blood on the body where is the harm liberals ask. It is a new type of pain. It is the personal mental brain drain caused by mental harassment from an unlimited funded federal government monstrosity directed by politicians with the unscrupulous morality of Mafia mental thugs.

With all the two years of bungling misgovernment slowly being revealed it is time for Obama for the good of the country to "Pull-a-Nixon" and RESIGN.