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New York Mosque building Emir threatens USA while Obama silently hides.

By jerry - Posted on 11 September 2010

On a national TV interview the Moslem Emir behind the building of a mosque skyscraper near Ground Zero threatened the USA. He told the interviewer that any attempts at stopping the construction would be considered by Moslems world wide as an attempt to put Islam "under siege". He suggested in his tome that this is dangerous and there could be violent reprisals.

Immediately Obama rushed out and made another speech about how George Bush was to blame for everything. I doubt that such a threat would have been made during the Bush presidency or even any other presidency, Democrat or Republican. Oblivious Obama the Waffle Maker has struck again!!

Obama blames everyone else. He reveals a great deal about his childhood. He must have gotten a lot of milage from blaming others as he was growing up. Being as bright as his supporters say, he must also have spotted trouble early and did a lot of apologetic running and hiding to go with the blame game.

So here we are today. A Moslem thug threatens the USA and Obama runs and hides. He finds a place where he can make another Bush-bashing speech that people have to be recruited to attend. Maybe he was at this last second rally because he could not find another foreign country to apologize to.

The Democrats need to accept their part in this political debacle of the Obama Presidency. They should demand Obama resign and replace him with Hilary Clinton. She, at least, has the inner toughness of the Republican Sarah Palin. This move at least will give the Democratic Party some credibility going into the November elections. It would save the Democrats time and money for campaigns instead of trying to defend this Waffle Maker.


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