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Obama,the Khymer Rouge and America's Ground Zero

By jerry - Posted on 06 September 2010

In a far off Asian country decades ago a leadership built on the political philosophical mind set of several French university professors came into being. One of the basic tenets was that social heaven on earth could be achieved by starting everyone at ground zero without advantages.

As is usual with university political philosophy kingdoms it did not work very well. What sounded good wan't based on reality. The attempt to make reality conform to university professor mindless babbles failed when confronted with human beings and their various mental and physical difficulties.

Solutions were needed to make the unenlightened conform to the grand design that would bring heavenly bliss to all. It was necessary to return to a basic level or "ground Zero" for true social democracy to come about.

Eventually these solutions turned to identifying those holding back progress. Name them as reactionaries or mean spirited racists. (Have you heard any of these words yet?) Call it "democracy" but control the voting with constant "blame" speeches and directional broadcasts assisted by "vote enforcers". If this sounds like it is being tried at the present time, you are too alert to be allowed to survive the coming political purging if and when it comes. If you don't, then history and Obama are much smarter than you are!!!


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