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Republican Party Pledge to America Ignores Corruption of Liberal Judges

By jerry - Posted on 25 September 2010

The Pledge ignores the most flagrant assault on the protection of citizens under the constitution. Liberal judges acting as "monsters in black robes on the bench" promote the terrorization of anyone not extremely wealthy. Because of misplaced "hand wringing sympathy", these judges become accomplices to the criminal elements. They support them with rulings that fit a philosophy but ignores common sense and written law.

A criminal's lawyer is allowed to delay judgment by filing separate multiple challenges to and throughout and after a trial is conducted. Often the challenge is allowed by the idealogical whim of the judge. This makes the judge in violation of the "separation of powers" part of the constitution. He or she is now making law before the new ruling was first passed by a legislative branch of government.

Federal officials now are allowed to inflict social and political whims on property owners and taxpayers. Multiple murderers are freed from the death penalty so that taxpayers get saddled with multimillion dollar medical treatments for the killer. The 9th District Federal court has caused the cost of prosecution of brutal criminals to skyrocket to the point that lower courts no longer try to seek justice. Instead, terrified of a trial causing bankruptcy, prosecuting attorneys must become "money changers" or bargained sentences for low costs.

Many states allow Judges to protect themselves from citizen review and election defeat. They prevent discussion of their philosophy or of any previously tried cases. Even a Roman Emperor did not have such perks of office.

A new Congress should strike a blow for freedom and pledge to correct this legal barbarism. Through its House and Senate judicial committees, Republicans should pledge a review and impeachment of these "monsters in judicial black robes."