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Obama Income Tax Cruel and Cynical Destructive Attack on Small Towns

By jerry - Posted on 15 September 2010

Obama's latest attempt to generate more money for his pet social programs is in reality a destructive attack on the poor and struggling families in small towns and cities across America. The killing of the nearly decade long Bush tax cuts hurts the smallest towns worst of all.

The tax increase wiping out the small business exemption sizes of the Bush decade nearly destroys the very small stores struggling to survive in the very small towns and villages. People struggling to find work in these places can not find jobs when the new Obama Tax prevents store owners from having enough equity to hire an employee. This kind of brain dead economics will have multiple negative effects.

The energetic young worker will be driven from the town to the big city in search for work. We already have gas stations closing in smaller towns because of limiting inventory capacities. The small town dweller is already being forced to drive miles to the next town for car fuel and other necessities. This, in itself, is a violation of environmental principles Obama supposedly claims. Why are Obama and the Democrats not forced to file an environmental impact statement on this cruel social assault through a restructured Tax?

It is also cynical politics to couch the funding problem that Obama created with another tax-the-rich greed scheme solution. Obama has the largest number of tax evading cabinet appointees in history. Nothing makes me think Obama and his friends in government and academia are going to pay these new taxes anyway. So the lower caste families get to endure more taxes and job insecurity. This is so cynical, cruel and immoral!!!

Obama stated in a recent speech that he was being called more names than the family dog. When a dog puts an equivalent mess on the rug as big as this, of course, the dog gets verbal names. The hope is the names change the behavior.