Democrats steal republican party ideas and rename them to claim change

With the help of supportive newspapers anything can be shown as a change. Since people don't pay that much attention until an election year the idea theft is easy to miss. So let's take a look at some of the latest ideas the democrats are floating that are really reinventions of the wheel under a new name.

Obama medical plan targets use for abortion clinic embryos

The April issue of Discover magazine on science, technology and the future features an interview with a brilliant physician named Robert Lanza. The article begins by stating that this pyhsician is developing tools to reverse paralysis, regenerate the heart and undo autoimmune disease. The article then asks the question "What is holding him back/"

The article goes on to say the replacement of any tissue without the fear of rejection can be done if you can create embryo stem cells to transfer to the target adult. But getting embryo stem cells produces an ethical problem.

Palin advantages being misused by McCain advisors

The republicans have a feisty Ronald Reagan in skirts. They should take a tip from the Truman campaign and have her on the road every day speaking to crowds of people all across a targeted state. Instead McCain's campaign advisors have her meeting as often as possible with groups of reporters answering loaded questions on foreign policy. What a waste of time. It is like burying a flaming lantern in a manhole. She is a people person and people of both genders relate and respond to her.

Democrat Rep. Barney Frank admits his congressional misdeed

A shocking inadvertant admission by democrat Rep. Barney Frank of his role in the country's foreclosure problem was made to an oblivious audience in Boston. The partisan group missed the admission because they are so used to the way democrats admit their misdeeds in their denials.

Hollywood screaming liberals can't see the crunch coming

Riding high with the encouragement of the liberal media the Hollywood screaming liberals can't see the crunch coming. In three weeks the country will finally become aware of the part Obama has played in the economic meltdown. The vast cover-up by Barney Frank and the democrats on the house finance committee will finally leak out.

What is being covered-up? Does extortion and theft on a multi-billion dollar level by liberal extremist groups have any significance? The extortion and theft might be significant when the Obama running for president shows up in the tally.

Defeat of House bailout bill a phoney blame on Repubicans

The defeat of the House bailout bill is another contrived disaster as seen by the media with the economic intelligence of lemmings. Democrat House leader Pelosi put on the housefloor a bill so loaded with poison pills for republicans it could not pass and she knew it. The way to save her reputation was a scheme to enrage republicans by calling them traitors if the bill was not passed in this emergency. It worked because republicans voted against the bill.

Obama muffin man debates Palen lipstick pitbull

McCain & Obama are squabbling over postponing their debate. The solution is logically obvious. Many democrats are asking if America can afford to send Palen to debate Putin of Russia. Here is a chance to see how she might fare. Don't postpon the debate. Send Palen to take McCain's place. It would be a perfect showtime presentation. Obama the muffin man debates Palen the pitbull with lipstick.

further thoughts on why republicans will win presidency

Why the republicans will win the presidency is logical. The first thing striking the logical mind is that the most demonized republican to ever run for president in modern times still won the heartland states and the south. This means there is a values embracing in those states that ignored all the media propaganda and the ridiculing of these values. The republicans should be thankful that the democrat campaign seems to be run by Californians or New Yorkers. They have a smug assumption that their thoughts and values are superior to the unenlighted serfs in the Bush captured states.

presidential election predictions

How McCain & Palin will win and why.
The reasons are so obvious that only screaming Hollywood liberal types and their emotionally challenged supporters could delude themselves and miss them. My next blog will begin the sad unmasking of their state of illusion. Being a kind and sympathetic soul I feel it is more virtuous to let them wallow in their misguided moment of euphoria for a bit. The kinder soul does not immediately rip the poison candy from the simple child with out a patient and understanding discussion with the deluded one. Removing the screaming name calling emotion from their behavior response makes it possible that even in their simple level of logic they can recognize the obvious.