Obama the Oblivious

President Obama set a new high/low for a president of the USA for being out of touch with the country. Let us ignore all the absentee decisions he has made concerning the economy and the attempt to make former President Bush's efforts during the Hurricane Katrina experience look "right on top of things' compared to his laughably "depend on God and pray" effort. Let us examine timing of his recent speech.

Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama slogan legacies

Clinton lied
Presidential integrity died.

Bush lied
Soldiers died.

Obama lied
U.S.A.. jobs died

global warming a product of inept science teachers, liberal push for big government control , Obama programmed unemployment

Inept and poorly trained science teachers who will cover their ignorance by going with an agenda popularized by a political figure keeps the phenomenon going. With out an understanding of the techniques of what makes a scientific experiment that proves something scientifically, the advocates of catastrophic global warming keep pointing out how surrounding events prove the "end of days" global warming.

NFL Football & Philadelphia Eagles with Michael Vick sellout to perversion

The prostitution of sport's values reached a new low with the Philadelphia Eagles buying someone who tortures dogs. Imagine your children in the grade school visited by the NFL heroes their impressionable minds have been programmed to idolize. Among them stands a player who hung dogs by their paws and whipped them and beat them with clubs and electric stun guns to destroy any niceness qualities the dog was bred for. What will they be thinking?

Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturns Nuremberg Tribunal against Nazi criminals

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has stated that the Nuremberg conviction of Nazi war criminals was illegal because they were falsely convicted. This is logically based on their ruling stopping the State of Washington from blocking the enforcement of laws against Pharmacists pleading "conscience" to keep from dispensing an abortion medicine.

Free medical care requires taxpayer protection with required behavior & tyranny

I am willing to help pay higher taxes to help the least able but not the DUMMY least able. Actions require accountability and sick behavior resulting in sick physical results should not be paid for by the taxpayer.

Diseases resulting from dissolute actions like continuous over eating of high calorie foods or alcohol/ drug intake do not demand my tax dollar contributions. To take my tax money to pay for the result of someone else's indulgence is theft. Criminals take money from their victims every day to do this unless they are Robin Hood, which I doubt.

Christian minister's sloppy bible interpretations make environmental taliban extremists

It seems that many ministers ,in their churches, are now replacing the message of God and Christian love in people's lives with a stealth paganism. By connecting unrelated phrases from different texts the new identity of a Christian is how he or she treats the manifestation of God's creation in the environment.

Obama stimulus package versus Kyoto treaty, Bill Clinton & Bush Economy

The Obama & congressional stimulus package is a stunning repudiation of former President Bill Clinton and vice president Al Gore.

obama will be forced to let lawyers and criminals victimize the poor

The most extreme group feeding on the weakness of the judicial system to attack the poor and helpless are the lawyer lobbies and their constituents. These people will force Obama to make compromises on his pledge to help the poor and bring change they can belleve in. Let us see how this will be done.

Democrats make Hilary Clinton vice-president candidate for President Biden

In a clever move to retain a chance for the presidency after Barack Obama is revealed to be ineligible to be president, democrats moved Biden to the presidential spot and Hilary Clinton as his vice presidental candidate.